A couple dressed in black tie standing in front of a tree covered in fairy lights
Mime artists performing
A singer and pianist performing
People on a ferris wheel in evening light
Friends with a performer in fancy dress
Fairground game
A musician
People enjoying the ferris wheel ride
Two men dressed in black tie in front of the ferris wheel entrance
A woman in a pale pink dress with a glass of champagne, standing in front of a music tent
May Ball 2019 Survivors' Photo: many people dressed in black tie gathered outside Wolfson College
People standing amongst illuminated trees
Pyrotechnic display from a roof
Silhouette of a woman in fog
Person playing the saxophone
People standing amongst trees wrapped in lights
People amongst trees wrapped in lights which hang down like vines
People getting drinks from a stall. In the foreground there is a tree wrapped in green lights.
A person playing the drums